Q3 2022 Financial Statistics

Q3 2022 Financial Statistics

Earlier this year I posted a blog on my analytics for my 2nd quarter of operating as a business. Here is the third quarter. If you wanted to check out the previous blog it’s available here. Unfortunately I’ve not currently ran the numbers on my profits, but hopefully at some point I’ll be able to show that for the yearly blog maybe?

Total SalesQuarter1financial stats

For the third quarter of this year, I sold a just over $64,000 in goods (note: this includes the shipping, taxes and refunds of orders removed). Comparing this to my last blog, it looks like I’ve had quite an increase in sales which makes sense because I had a lot of new products and a new custom keyboard launched during this period called the “DropBear60” alongside the amazing “Fever Dreams” deskmat. Future 0ldMate says that this is going to be the best quarter this year.

Sales Breakdown

Quarter1financial stats

Here’s a deeper break down of the sales numbers providing an actual gross sales number of just under $60,000. Over $1,000 in discounts is less than the last blog, but I this came due to a shift in my discount model - moving away from general discounts and moving to referrals/review discounts. My returns (refunds) are up 4x due to a lot of people FOMOing into the DropBear60 and then getting cold feet.

Payment Type

Quarter1financial stats

This is a new addition to the blog. I enabled PayPal on the store against my good judgement. PayPal has a history of being horrible for businesses as they have the ability to lock accounts and hold money at any point. I was very hesitant to enable this and will be monitoring if it’s worth having. I am very cautious about having how much is in PayPal at any time.

Average Order Value

Quarter3financial stats

An average order value of $138 has been on the rise! Slowly getting it higher and higher! One day perhaps I’ll have average order value above $150.

Sales by Traffic Source

Quarter3financial stats

When purchasing an item, Shopify tracks how you were directed to the site. As far as I know clicking a link from a Discord server counts as a direct traffic source.

Taking a more granular look into social sources - nothing much changed since last quarter.

Returning Customer Rate

Here is my returning customer rate. Super proud of this stat.

Quarter3financial stats

Here are the marketing stats, this should be a mix between emails and my Loox reviews app.

Quarter3financial stats

Other Stats

Here’s some other stats I thought are interesting if compressed into this blog.

Quarter3financial stats sessions by source

Quarter3financial stats sessions by device

Quarter3financial stats sessions by traffic

Quarter3financial stats session by social source

Quarter3financial stats session by referral


That’s another quarter done and dusted. I am not really close to hitting above this at the time of writing for this quarter so I think this will be the biggest one this year, but who knows, maybe Christmas will be a wild one. I’m glad it’s still growing and hopefully it will continue to grow! Slowly I’m crawling my way to the green, not there yet, but hopefully at some point. Hope this was insightful, see you in the next one. Thanks for checking out this updated blog.

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