Fever Dream Deskmat
Fever Dream Deskmat

Fever Dream Deskmat

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The Fever Dream Deskmat depicts a vivid series of events in a comic like pattern. Each panel is a separate piece of art and can be viewed independently and in any order. Each of these designs has been drawn by the same artist and pieced together perfectly to create a deskmat we are extremely proud of.

The artist is a wonderful friend of ours who has a very unique art style. His instagram is HERE.

Available in both smooth and rough material. These mats are made from 50% recycled tire rubber underneath. The colour matches almost perfectly to the renders.

I've removed the original photos as the white balance was off causing it to look different to how it did.

We would love to hear feedback and discussion on these mats in our discord in the deskmat channel. Updates will be constantly posted in the discord, however, you can use the "notify me" button to be notified when these go live.

Geekhack: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=116912.0

IC: https://forms.gle/hx4EwTA2kiJCCMKd9


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  • CA: Ashkeebs
  • OCE: Mountain Keyboards
  • UK: Prototypist
  • Mexico: Rheset