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Acrylic Let's Tango

Acrylic Let's Tango

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Let's Tango is a custom mechanical keyboard designed as a split 40% ortho-linear board. The design was originally based on the Let's Split PCB but was then changed to use the Vitamins Included PCB. This is the acrylic Let's Tango, if you're after an aluminium and brass version, it out here.

The keyboard has the following features:

- Split ortho design using the Vitamins Included PCB rev 2.1
- 0 degree typing angle
- Stacked frosted acrylic design

The kit will include:

- Frosted acrylic pieces
- POM plates
- 2x PCBs (Left and Right)
- TRRS cable & USB cable
- Screws and rubber feet to assemble (comes pre-assembled)
- Carrying case

You will still need keycaps and switches. There are also optional extras here.

For more information about this in-stock board, please check out the GeekHack thread here:
Or the discord for bleeding edge updates.

Also more information in this blog post.

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