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Let's Tango
Let's Tango
Let's Tango
Let's Tango

Let's Tango

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Let's Tango is a custom mechanical keyboard designed as a split 40% ortholinear board. The design was originally based on the Let's Split PCB but was then changed to use the Vitamins Included PCB.

The keyboard has the following features:

- Split ortho design using the Vitamins Included PCB rev 2.1
- 7 degree typing angle
- Top mount design
- Swappable plate
- Swappable weight

The kit will include:

- 2x Aluminum Top cases
- 2x Aluminum Bases
- 2x Brass Plates
- 2x Brass Weights
- 2x PCBs (Left and Right)
- TRRS cable & USB cable
- Screws and rubber feet to assemble (comes pre-assembled)
- Carrying case

You will still need keycaps and switches. There are also optional extras here.

For more information about this in-stock board, please check out the GeekHack thread here: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=108798.0
Or the discord for bleeding edge updates.

Also more information in this blog post.

Quality Expectations:

Please see our Blog Post.