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About Us

Mtn Kbd is a small company that aims to bring high quality products to Australia and attempt to keep them in-stock. We are constantly working to design and manufacture unique products for you to enjoy. In addition, we are also attempting to hold stock locally for quick access for those in Australia. We will try our best to do this all whilst trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We aim to achieve this by striving to have all shipping packaging home compostable where possible.

Our Goals:

  • Design and manufacture good quality products
  • Hold items in stock where possible
  • Be as environmentally friendly as possible
  • Be as transparent as possible about finances on our custom products

We are hoping to make a positive dent in the mechanical keyboard hobby by changing the way the hobby works. No one likes waiting 9 months for a group buy. We'd like to think that eventually more in-stock items will be available as the hobby expands.