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[GROUP BUY EXTRAS] No Internet Dino Wristrest

[GROUP BUY EXTRAS] No Internet Dino Wristrest

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Dino has lost his internet for the last time!

Embark on a quest to bring back his lost internet. Follow his infinitely long journey across many different obstacles to discover the World Wide Web.

This wrist rest is produced by Zy.cap and comes in 3 colours with 3 different sizes available. The wrist rests are clear coated with a glossy sheen to protect the art.

Wristrest dimensions:

  • 60% keyboard: 29.5cm
  • 68/75% keyboard: 32cm
  • TKL keyboard: 36cm
  • Width: 9cm
  • Height: 2cm (with rubber feet)

Alongside the wrist rest, there is a matching artisan that pairs with it perfectly. Find it HERE.

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