Q2 2023 Financial Statistics

Q2 2023 Financial Statistics

Ever wonder how much money a custom keyboard store side business run by a guy based out of Sydney makes? I’ll summarise this whole blog with this gif.

If you want to learn more, this blog will talk about how much I’ve made running my store for the 2nd quarter of 2023. I share these every quarter because I find this side of things fascinating and hopefully you do also. This is the second quarter that I have actual profit percentages I can show. Let’s go and give it a geez then!

Total Sales

For the second quarter of this year, I sold a just over $39,000 in goods (note: this includes the shipping, taxes and refunds of orders removed). Comparing this to my figure from the second quarter of 2022, I’ve had a decrease in sales. Unfortunately, based on what I can see for Q3 also, this is a trend for this year, it’s a bit slower than last year.

Sales Breakdown

Here’s a deeper break down of the sales numbers providing an actual gross sales number of just over $39,000. Over $1000 in discounts is more than the blog a year ago. Overall, positive growth in quarter one this year.

Payment Type

This is a new addition to the blog from last quarter. It shows how people are paying for goods on my store.

Average Order Value

An average order value of $155 has been one of the higher averages. This has been a bit of an increase since last quarter which is always nice to see.

Sales by Traffic Source

When purchasing an item, Shopify tracks how you were directed to the site. As far as I know clicking a link from a Discord server counts as a direct traffic source.

Taking a more granular look into social sources.

Returning Customer Rate

Here is my returning customer rate.

Other Stats

Here’s some other stats I thought are interesting if compressed into this blog.

Shout out to who ever viewed the site on their Smart TV.


This is the second quarter where I have some stats on the profits I’ve made running this business. Most of my items have costs/profits tracked but not all of it unfortunately for this quarter. This quarter has a higher margin compared to normal due to more custom boards selling rather than switches/keycaps.

Interestingly with this increase in net sales compared to the first quarter my profits haven’t increased. This quarter must have had a higher increase in less profitable items for sale.


That concludes the second quarter of 2023 sales analytics. Hopefully that was interesting enough that you’ll want to see future stats. The third quarter of this year was rough in comparison to this quarter, that blog will be out soon! I’ve taken a bit of a step back from MtnKBD recently due to my other work picking up. I’m still working on a few new projects and my next (and probably final) keyboard is in production for prototype version 2 currently. Thanks everyone for the support and has enjoyed these blogs. These often fall off the radar for me, but every now and then I’ll chat with someone who asks about these which I love hearing. Until next time!

Much love, 0ldmate

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