Covid19 Shipment Delays

Covid19 Shipment Delays

You might have noticed that shipping prices on the store are through the roof, or that there's a disclaimer when you're trying to order. Unfortunately, I have come down with symptoms that may be Covid 19. I'm in a household with 2 confirmed cases and hoped I could escape its grasp. I will be taking a test in the next few days when the others in my household take their final test.

I've recently learnt that it can be transmitted via surfaces and as such there is a chance, however small, that I could transfer it to you whilst I pack your order or to the various people that touch the package during delivery. I don't think it's right for me to take that chance and I do hope that you understand.

As such, I am pausing shipping from Mountain Keyboards for the next week. Once I have a confirmed negative test, along with my other housemates, I will resume. For those with orders made in the last few days I have emailed you in regards to refunds, please get back to me when possible. If you decide to keep the order, it'll be one of the first out.

This isn't quite how I was expecting to start the year, but it's just a minor roadblock. I also would like to express how much I appreciate the support from all of you in this wonderful community.

Hope you're staying safe out there and had a chance to take some time for yourself over the stressful holidays.

PS. Huge things coming. Purple Potatoes. MW65s. MW75s. Starting Keyboard Kits. DMK Silent Forest.

Take care, see you all soon!
Love 0ldMate

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