Switch Tester Pack

Switch Tester Pack

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Here are 2 switch tester packs of various switches! The following switches are in this pack. Try them all before buying a bulk amount!

Why have 2 different packs?

Pack 1 is a generic set of switches, more common and easily found. Pack 2 has a lot more niche switches made by smaller manufacturers.

The switches in pack 1 are:

  • Gateron Oil Kings
  • Gateron Ink Black V2
  • Gateron Ink Black V2 Silent
  • Gateron CJ
  • Gateron G Pro 2.0 Yellow
  • Gateron North Pole
  • Gateron Pro Milky Yellow
  • Gateron Blue
  • Gateron Red
  • Gateron Black
  • Gateron Black Silent
  • Gateron Clear
  • Cherry MX Black Hyperglide
  • Cherry MX Black Silent Hyperglide
  • Cherry MX Brown Hyperglide
  • Purple Potato

The switches in pack 2 are:

  • Huano Lavendar
  • Huano Purple
  • Holy Tom Saint v1
  • Holy Tom Saint v2
  • Holy Jerry Saint Jerry
  • Kailh Blacks
  • Outemu Blacks