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MONOKEI x ともだち 「第一回」:友 Tomo

MONOKEI x ともだち 「第一回」:友 Tomo

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What an insane collaboration! MONOKEI has teamed up with TGR for the second installation of the MONOKEI x friends series. In the recognisable TGR style, Tomo has been designed by combining references to early customs and more recent influences.

Featuring a dual accent base plate and a top right blocker this design is unmistakably TGR. In a tried and true top-mount you can expect great things from the typing feel.


  • 7 degrees typing angle
  • Weight - 1.5kg
  • Top Mount
  • Dimensions - 31.5 x 13.5 x 3.5cm
  • QMK and VIA compatible PCB
  • Designed by TGR


Top & Bottom piece (colour dependent on combination)
Polycarbonate plate (Frosted White)
Aluminium backplate and sandblasted brass weights
Aluminium badges set (Monokei + TGR)
Hotswap PCB

This is a kit. You will still need keycaps and switches.

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