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Laser Ninja Compact Dual Keyboard Stand

Laser Ninja Compact Dual Keyboard Stand

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Looking for a nice way to display your boards? Sick of your fancy colourful boards hiding away in a drawer along with everything else? Have too many boards that the single stand isn't enough? The laser ninja compact dual stand allows you to display the expensive rectangles that you aren't using currently. It has a sturdy but sleek design that with the perfect tilt to visibly see everything on the board. If you're going to display your board, display it nice and compact  with the Laser Ninja Compact Dual Keyboard Stand.


  • Keyboard support: Anything wider than 21cm is supported, which generally means layouts above 50%. In terms of weight, basically anything on the market - the heaviest boards tested were over 7kg. Stack em on there!
  • Material and finish: 6mm thick clear acrylic with a silky smooth satin/frosted texture on both sides, that resists dust and fingerprints. This blends into the background so the focus is all on the keyboard.
  • Rubber feet: Custom cut clear 3M rubber feet are pre-applied on each stand, including where the keyboard rests. They are practically invisible.
  • Tool-less assembly: Quick and easy assembly using the thumbscrews and nuts, no tools needed.
  • Attachments: Lastly is the rail system along the middle piece, the holes and notches are designed for future attachments. Examples include support for split boards, floating nameplate and holding other devices.
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