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ID67 Bestype Keyboard Kit

ID67 Bestype Keyboard Kit

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The Idobao ID67 Best Type keyboard kit is a great compact keyboard for any desk. This is is premium version of the ID67 featuring a full aluminum exterior with brass weights and highlights.


- Aluminium case
- 6 degree angle
- Weight (un-built) 1.35kg
- Gasket mount
- Hot-swappable PCB with white LED
- QMK compatible
- VIA compatible

Note: No keycaps and switches included.


1 x Top case (Aluminum)
1 x Bottom case (Aluminum)
1 x Brass USB block
1 x Brass plate
1 x Brass weight
1 x Kailh Hot swap PCB A
11 x Brass standoffs
17 x Black Phillips screws(M2x3)
15 x Black flat head cross screw(M2x3)
11 x Phillips screws(M2X10)
2 x Phillips screws(M3X6)
4 x Cherry Screw Stabilizers
1 x USB Type-c  cable
4 x Silicone rubber feet
1 x Black foam between plate with PCB A
1x Silicone gaskets

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