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Doom Switches

Doom Switches

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PSA - These switches may have spring ping or leaf ping. Fixable with lube. Due to the softness of the top housing material, the legs may allow for top housing to not clip in properly; to fix this, gently bend the legs back into place before assembly.

Note: Linear variant has been added. It has the same specs as the tactile version but is linear. There aren't any sound tests for this as it was a last minute add.

These are a brand new switch made by the amazing team at Keebfront. This is the first switch in their "Villainy" collection lineup. This switch is heavily inspired by vintage comic book villains. Move over JWK recolours, this switch aims to bring another unique switch into the market by introducing a new type of PE material called HDPE. In addition, they're made using PA6 for the bottom housing to create a unique sound.

Don't take our word for it, Maker Mods got a sample to try out and he described them as: "In terms of sound signature, these are far and away the best tactile switches I own, and I own like 20,000 switches".

These switches are the first switches made in collaboration with a new manufacturer to go into large scale production.


  • Switch Type: Tactile
  • Top Housing: HDPE
  • Bottom Housing: Nylong PA6
  • Stem: POM, Long Pole - 13.8mm
  • 5 pin
  • 2-Stage 63.5g Spring
  • No factory lubing
  • Designed by Keebfront
  • Manufactured by Meirun

Each order over 70+ switches comes with the unique comic book style themed container.

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