Let's Tango Quality

When we set out designing and manufacturing the Let's Tango, we weren't aiming for the best quality. We were after good quality with a good price point which we believe we have achieved with our manufacturer. These units aren't 100% perfect. They have imperfections. If you're after the perfect board, unfortunately this may not be for you.

With that being said, we do believe the Let's Tango's are very well made, there are just a few common imperfections across the units that we'd like to highlight in hopes that you understand the quality standards we're holding ourselves up to.

Note: These boards were QC'd in front of very bright white lights to exacerbate these issues, as such, these may not be as prevalent in units that you receive.

Common Imperfections:

Across all units, here is a list of common occurrences:

  • small marks and dents on the base.
  • slight difference between the top and bottom pieces of the case.
  • internal annodisation hook marks
  • very small annodisation bubble marks
  • internal CNC scratches (specifically on the rail between the plate and the top of the top case)
  • minor colour differences between the top and bottom case

A or B Stock?

The difference between A and B stock is exclusively looked at from a fully built perspective so internal marks aren't going to cause a B stock evaluation. In general, large defects to visible faces of the board when built will make a board B stock (eg. visible CNC damage/dents). Minor issues that are only visible in the perfect angle of bright light or small dents on the bottom case will not cause a unit to be marked as B stock.