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Sydney Meet 2022

Mountain Keyboards recently had it’s 1 year anniversary in August! This last weekend I attended my first meet up as a vendor, having attended many as an enthusiast I am glad I was able to attend this one and sell some goodies. The event was fantastic, with over 400 people turning out and many activities to see it couldn’t have been better.

On the day I used a Shopify POS hardware device that integrated with my phone to handle orders, this worked quite well with only one drop out throughout the whole day. Choosing items to bring to an event like this is always hard, you want to bring things that you can sell easily and that catch the eye. I had some items that were great sellers and some that were lack-luster in nature due to the complicated nature of buying them (ie domikey keycap kits).

The Numbers

On the day I sold just under $2250 worth of goods via the POS system. This ranged across various different items but mainly switches and keycaps. Alongside this I had an item that was on it’s last few days of Group Buy (similar to KickStarter) called the DropBear60. I believe having this prototype board helped me land a few additional sales on the day also but I can’t confirm these numbers.


Overall, the Sydney meetup was awesome to see so many new and old faces after so long since the last. I’m very grateful to have had an opportunity to not only attend but also sell and spread my brand awareness on the day. This meetup really made me really excited for the day I am able to get my own storefront. It was wonderful meeting everyone, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the discord handles and order numbers, it’s easy to forget there’s another person on the other side receiving the items you’re shipping. Thank you very much to the organisers and I can’t wait for the next one.

Thank you for your support.