Q1 2022 Financial Statistics

Q1 2022 Financial Statistics

Earlier this year I posted a blog on my analytics for my first year of operating as a business. I thought, why not share these every quarter. If you wanted to check out the previous blog it’s available here. Unfortunately I’ve not currently ran the numbers on my profits, but hopefully at some point I’ll be able to show that.


I covered this in the previous blog above, but basically because I find it fascinating and figure why not share it.

Total Sales

For the first quarter of this year, I sold a just under $21,500 in goods (note: this includes the shipping, taxes and refunds of orders removed). Comparing this to my last blog, it looks like I’ve suffered a loss in sales, however, that month was over 4 months instead of 3. Here’s what the last quarter of 2021 looked like, keep in mind my board, the Let’s Tango launched in September which was a large portion of sales in that last blog.

Now seeing this picture, you can see I’ve had a pretty awesome growth in the first quarter in comparison. I’m glad to see this as I’ve certainly increased the amount of time I’ve sunken in.

Sales Breakdown

Here’s a deeper break down of the sales numbers providing an actual gross sales number of just under $20,000. Over $600 in discounts is a lot less than the last blog, despite the increase in sales, these discounts are primarily from purchases coming from a few of the great Aussie community streamers that I’m very fortunate to work with to make this community a great place to be in. My returns (refunds) tripled this quarter unfortunately.

Average Order Value

An average order value of $123 isn’t a huge surprise as orders are regularly within that $100-150 for things like switches + switch opener + shipping.

Sales by Traffic Source

When purchasing an item, Shopify tracks how you were directed to the site. As far as I know clicking a link from a Discord server counts as a direct traffic source.

Taking a more granular look into social sources.

Other Stats

Here’s some other stats I thought are interesting if compressed into this blog.

Online store sessions by location

Device type

Online store session by traffic source

online store session by social source

top referrers by session


That’s another quarter done and dusted. Here’s to a better 2nd quarter! I’m glad it’s growing and hopefully it will continue to grow! Slowly I’m crawling my way to the green, not there yet, but hopefully at some point. Hope this was insightful, see you in the next one.

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